IMPORTANT: Récolte du Miel dans les zones de protection et d'observation de la loque américaine

To all Cantonal Associations and their Members

Dear beekeeper colleagues,

After consultation with the state veterinarians of today, 3 July, beekeepers who have apiaries in one of the foulbrood restricted areas or observation areas are allowed to extract the honey collected there by the bees.

The frames with the honeycombs must be transported bee-tight to the usual centrifuge room. IMPORTANT: the extracted honeycombs must be either brought back to the apiary from which they originate to be licked out, or stored bee-tight!

We ask all beekeepers concerned to follow these instructions of the veterinary administration.

We ask the cantonal associations to forward this information to their members.

Yours sincerely,

Jean-Paul Beck, President of FUAL, Andreas Reichart, Beieberoder

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